Success Stories

Kasilof and Anchor River Watershed Fish Passage Projects

Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership


Project Partners:
Alaska Department of Fish & Game, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, Kenai Watershed Forum, Trout Unlimited, Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership

Steelhead, Dolly Varden, pink salmon, Pacific lamprey, Coho, king and sockeye salmon all require intact spawning habitat, and are the primary species that will benefit from this project. While the actual project focused on the removal of fish passage barriers, this short description does not really do justice to the scale of the project. By eliminating these barriers, this project opened up many miles of spawning habitat within the Crooked Creek watershed and outside of federally-protected areas. Unfortunately, instead of doing effective on-the-ground conservation work, a good portion of time was spent on piecing together various pots of money that enabled the culverts to be removed, which ensured fish passage. This is where you can make a huge impact. By donating to Beyond the Pond on behalf of fisheries habitat conservation, you can ensure that these fish are available when your grandkids go fishing in Alaska.