Money, peace-of-mind, good times with friends and family, clean water and open space, physical and mental fitness, relaxation and meaningful relationships – if these issues resonate with you, then you need to become involved with Beyond the Pond.  As a new communications platform for elevating our interdependent relationship with Nature; Beyond the Pond is your gateway for learning about and conserving our natural environment. 

Land, water and wildlife conservation have been a long-standing parts of America’s rich outdoor heritage, and a strong legal foundation has entrusted government to be America’s primary steward.  However, with partisan gridlock and the combined impacts of our consumptive society, development pressures, globalization and climate change taking its toll; there is a sense of urgency for conserving Nature that is being ignored. 

To move beyond this stalemate and inspire action, a group of forward-thinking fly fishing brands and progressive conservation NGOs partnered with federal and State fish and wildlife agencies involved with National Fish Habitat Partnership to create Beyond the Pond.  This platform designed to promote greater citizen and private sector conservation engagement.  

Understanding the opportunities for your engagement are found in the following value statements.

 - Humanity and Nature are interconnected and as a result, everyone has a relationship with Nature.

 - This connection plays an important part in defining who you are and what you believe in. 

 - Nature provides us with economic, ecological, social, physical, psychological and sustenance benefits. 

 - Financial support, individual conservation behaviors and science advocacy is 21st century stewardship.

Ultimately, we want you to think about your early life experiences.  During your time on Earth, you have benefitted from Nature – this is what we want you to remember.  Since it has shaped every aspect of your life; Nature is critical.  Now is the time to take action and work with us to invest in Nature.  You can help ensure that the multiple benefits you have experienced are there for others and Nature continues to provide these diverse benefits.  If you have kids, think of them…


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